High school students from all over world have attended GGE Summer School. Whether they hail from Spain or South Africa, the Phillips Academy in Andover or the German International School of Silicon Valley, GGE students have one thing in common: they loved their summer experience in Greifswald, Germany. Please see below a few testimonials from our most recent 2017 and 2016 alumni:

„The GGE camp I attended in Greifswald last year was the perfect summer camp for high-schoolers. The balance between classes, group activities and free time was great. Often time we’d have interactive class in the morning, some interesting group activity like windsurfing or minigolf in the afternoon and time to kick back and relax in the evening. For anyone looking for a one in a lifetime experience with a fascinating group of students in a foreign country to learn more about International Relations and World History with great professors, look no further! My GGE experience is one that will stay close to my heart for years to come.“

-Jack (German International School of Silicon Valley, Mountain View, CA)


„GGE broadened my international relations knowledge and allowed me to meet new people from all over the world and to experience a whole new culture. It was really an amazing experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.“

– Jessica (Camps Bay High School, Cape Town, South Africa)


„GGE provided me the unique opportunity to widen my worldviews and educational experience. GGE was more than learning and culture; it was an adventure of making international friends and sharing unforgettable memories every day. My time with GGE made the summer of 2016 amazing. No greater joy exists than in chasing your dreams while making friends. Over July the friendships crafted were precious. They taught how similar people are, regardless of nationality. Differences also displayed, giving us all a greater worldview. As the month progressed, my fellow peers became more like siblings. I still consider them all family today.“

-Connor (Bartlett High School, Webster, MA)


„GGE is great program if you are looking for international experiences for next summer :) you can study a cool subject in a college course, learn German, and do amazing recreational activities and tourist things! i met so many lovely new friends, learned a lot, and it was such a fun and rewarding month.“

-Shannon (Henry M. Gunn Senior High School, Palo Alto, CA)