Altstadt12_009 vom Dom Blick auf den Markt Torsten Krüger


GGE Summer School 2018


Saturday, June 30 Arrive at Berlin-Tegel Airport
Sunday, July 1 Orientation and City Tour
Monday, July, 2 Orientation / Greifswald University tour
Tuesday, July 3 Typical day (see A Typical Day under About tab)
Wednesday, July 4 Typical day
Thursday, July 5 Typical day
Friday, July 6 Typical day
Saturday, July 7 Unscheduled



Sunday, July 8 Excursion: Rügen or Usedom
Monday, July 9 Typical day
Tuesday, July 10 Typical day
Wednesday, July 11 Typical day
Thursday, July 12 Typical day
Friday, July 13 College Prep Workshop
Saturday, July 14 College Prep Workshop



Sunday, July 15 College Prep Workshop (until 12pm)
Monday, July 16 Typical day
Tuesday, July 17 Typical day
Wednesday, July 18 Typical day
Thursday, July 19 Typical day
Friday, July 20 Berlin excursion
Saturday, July 21 Berlin excursion



Sunday, July 22 Berlin excursion
Monday, July 23 Typical day
Tuesday, July 24 Typical day
Wednesday, July 25 Typical day
Thursday, July 26 Typical day
Friday, July 27 End of Session Celebration
Saturday, July 28 Departure for Berlin-Tegel Airport