International Relations & Politics

Taught by Georgetown University Professor Heba El-Shazli (Ph.D., Virginia Tech)

This is an introductory course to international relations theories.
In this course, we will study various theories of international relations and global justice, applying them as resources for understanding and addressing historical and contemporary issues in international politics and global affairs. Primarily, we will consider leading scholarly attempts to theorize the ethical, political, cultural, and economic influences on world events that emerge within and among societies. Secondary subtopics will include a broad survey of issues, such as globalization, development, financialization of poverty, militarization, migration, refugees, climate change, the rise of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), nationalism, intervention/non-intervention, sanctions, liberation movements, and labor and exploitation. By the end of the course, students should demonstrate the ability to identify and distinguish between the main theories under consideration, key concepts associated with each theory, and then use these models to analyze a broad range of historical and current events.