Helen Simpson Phillips Academy Andover GGE Summer School

GGE 2016 Alumna Heads to Harvard, After Gap Year

After an exciting gap year in Moldova in 2016-17 on the U.S. government’s National Security Language Initiative for Youth, GGE’2016 alumna Helen, a graduate of Philips Academy, Andover, MA, is beginning her freshman year at Harvard University.

Her love of languages began early with learning French in preschool, and inspired her to learn Spanish, Russian, and most recently Persian, which she studied at Indiana University-Bloomington in Summer 2017. Helen began learning Persian while on a U.S. State Department program in Tajikistan. She is thinking about a diplomatic career, which would enable her to combine her love of languages and foreign cultures with her passion for International Relations (which she studied with GGE’s Professor Heba El Shazli). What is in store for Helen? The UN, an ambassadorship, Secretary of State? The world will be a much better place with empathetic, insightful, and talented individuals like Helen making decisions!​