Greifswald Harbor


What happens on arrival?
GGE’s transfer team will personally meet and transport students to/from Greifswald from/to the Berlin-Tegel Airport (TXL). As long as they arrive on Saturday, 30 June, before 6pm transportation is included in tuition. Students arriving before or after that time will be met and escorted to Greifswald, but will be required to pay a surcharge of 250 euros for the additional transportation costs.

What happens on departure?
GGE will transport students by bus from the VCH Hotel in Greifswald to Berlin-Tegel Airport on Saturday, 28 July, in time for flights departing no earlier than 12 pm. If a student would like to be escorted to Berlin-Tegel before that time, a surcharge of 250 euros for the additional transportation costs will be incurred.

How many students attend?
To ensure a friendly, collegial atmosphere, we welcome a maximum of 32 students (approx. 10-12 students enrolled in each of the three academic courses).

What are the sleeping arrangements?
Students will be housed comfortably in the 3-star hotel VCH Hotel Greifswald, just outside the Old Town. They will stay in single-sex double rooms with two rooms sharing a bathroom. Experienced, friendly, English-speaking residence assistants, female and male, will reside at VCH and manage evening check-in, as well as help students 24/7 with any other issues or emergencies that might arise. We consider it a strong endorsement of our program that former GGEers apply for our RA positions.

How do students get around Greifswald?
All students will be provided with a bicycle. Helmets will not be provided, but are available for purchase at one of Greifswald’s several bike shops. Students are responsible for making sure their bikes are securely locked (TO something, when not in use), and are returned in the same working condition in which they were received. We have repair folks standing by to fix problems (if/when) they arise.

Greifswald has an extensive system of local busses – around town and to local attractions such as the fishing village of Wieck, the ruins of Eldena, and the beach (all 3 miles away). There is also a special train (the Baderbahn) to the beautiful, sandy beaches of the nearby island of Usedom (30 minutes or more, depending on destination).

Can I contact my child?
The VCH Hotel Greifswald has WiFi, so you will be able to be in contact.

Are special diets accommodated?
Yes, as long as details are indicated on the application/registration form.

What do students need to bring?
A suggested list of clothing and things to bring will be sent to you by 15 May. Greifswald is a casual town and summer temperatures usually range between 60 and 80 degrees; sometimes it rains. Bedding and towels will be provided, and the VCH Hotel Greifswald has a washing machine so students can do laundry.

What about spending money?
The currency in Germany is the euro. Students will require spending money for lunch (about 5-10 euros/day) and incidentals. Greifswald has numerous ATMs, so we suggest bringing a bank/credit card for cash withdrawals. Credit cards are accepted at many, but not all, shops.

Can GGE look after valuables?
Yes. VCH Hotel Greifswald has a safe where passports can be stored, if desired. Students can also keep valuable items – laptops, iPads, phones – securely in their rooms since keys are provided. Because Greifswald is a safe and friendly town, problematic incidents are rare.

Will I meet Germans?
One of the biggest complaints about so-called ‘immersion’ programs is the lack of (or weirdly artificial) contact between Americans and their foreign peers. GGE addresses this problem by integrating local German students in afternoon recreational activities. This allows friendships to develop in a more natural and longer-lasting way. Unlike other cities where the large population or influx of tourists inhibits meaningful contact with locals, Greifswalders are eager to meet their American peers and to introduce them to the exciting activities and beautiful spots in and around town.

What happens on departure?
GGE will transport students by bus from the Hotel in Greifswald to Berlin-Tegel Airport (TXL) on Saturday, 28 July, in time for flights departing no earlier than 12 pm. A GGE representative will be on hand to help students resolve any problems that might arise.

Will I get a certificate?
Yes. All participants who have successfully concluded their courses at GGE will receive a certificate signed by the Dean of the program, Dr. Michelle Facos, as well as a course assessment (and grade) from their elective professor. Students who complete internships will receive an additional certificate that provides details about where and when the student volunteered, as well as a description of the student’s duties/responsibilities during that time.