Digital Media & Photography

Taught by Benjamin Dirks (Photographer, Berlin) and Rainer Cramm (Ph.D., Humboldt University-Berlin)

This recreational class explores the vast creative possibilities offered by digital cameras, smart phones, and laptops. It is offered only in the second two weeks.
During the week of 17 July, you’ll work with professional photographer Ben Dirks and learn the fundamentals of cameras and key issues (time of day, lighting, framing, juding distance, choosing subjects) confronting photographers. By the end of Week 3, you’ll be a MUCH better photographer. But what to do with those photos? In Week 4, Photoshop Master Rainer Cramm will show you how to manipulate and combine images to make original works of art or simply how to improve photos using the vast toolkit available in Photoshop. One picture contains unlimited opportunties for creativity! Students should have a camera and a laptop with the Photoshop program.