Community Expectations

Because GGE acts as parent and guardian, and since a harmonious community requires a set of rules and guidelines to which all consent, please read carefully below before applying. GGE wants to ensure that we all coexist happily and safely together during our month in Greifswald, thus expectations for behavior are delineated formally in writing and informally as dictated by common sense. These include:

  • arrive on time (or a bit early) to: classes, meetings, evening curfew,
  • treat fellow students, professors, administrators and coaches, and members of the Greifswald community politely and respectfully,

Behavior that constitutes (non-refundable and immediate) grounds for dismissal include:

  • illegal use of drugs and alcohol
  • smoking
  • infringement of curfew.

Breaking of German laws (stealing and property destruction, for instance) may have more serious consequences for which GGE abdicates responsibility.

GGE reserves the right to dismiss at any time a student who has proven disruptive or an unsatisfactory member of the GGE community: if in GGE’s judgment a student’s conduct suggests an unwillingness to embrace GGE ideals, objectives, and rules, parents will be required to withdraw the student, even in the absence of infraction of a specific rule.

Please keep in mind that jay-walking is illegal (everywhere in Germany) and frequently punishable by a fine (around 25 euros), as is disobeying traffic laws by cyclists.