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Each academic course will last 4 weeks.
 Art History (Prof. Patricia Berman) Business Fundamentals (Prof. Drew Harris) International Relations & Politics (Prof. Heba El-Shazli)

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Each German course lasts 4 weeks.
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Each activity is a 2-week block. You may choose one activity for all 4 weeks, or 2 different activities. Indicate which activity(ies) you like to participate in and rank them 1-3, with 1 representing your highest priority. You can choose among the following options: Digital Media & Photography; Horseback Riding; Sailing, Windsurfing; Tennis; Golf; Yoga; or a custom-arranged internship. Please also indicate your level of proficiency/experience in the activity you choose (beginner; intermediate; advanced). If you are interested in doing a custom-arranged internship, we will reach out to you upon your acceptance to find the optimal fit (regarding industry/function etc.).