Conversational German

Taught by Greifswald Language Teachers

In small classes and with experienced language teachers, students at all levels, from beginner to advanced, will improve their conversational German, acquiring fluency and confidence.

Classes will be taught by local native speakers whose profession is teaching German to foreigners. Beginners will learn the basics of navigating in a German environment: asking directions, what to say when entering and leaving shops, how to order food and ask for the check in restaurants, and making small talk. Intermediate and advanced speakers will work on acquiring the practical, day-to-day vocabulary utilized by their peers. Emphasis for all is on practical, spoken fluency rather than mastery of grammar, and on a deeper understanding of cultural practice (such as never crossing the street when the light is red!). There will be plenty of opportunities to practice your German in Greifswald, where natives are very patient with and appreciative of efforts made to communicate with them in German, but also familiar enough with English that making yourself understood is never a problem. With the exception of Photography and Digital Media, the teachers of all afternoon recreational activities are German-speaking, and all of the afternoon activities will include local teenagers eager to share their culture and to get acquainted with their American peers. During your month in Greifswald, you’ll notice a huge improvement in your ability to speak and understand German. With so many opportunities, you’ll gain confidence and feel a real sense of accomplishment!